How to Hear & Identify the Voice of God

God is continually communicating to people. He’s been doing it since the Garden of Eden. He told Noah to build an ark. He spoke to Moses through a burning bush. He spoke to Daniel and Joseph through dreams. The apostle Paul writes that God reveals Himself through creation. How does God speak to us today? … Continue reading How to Hear & Identify the Voice of God


“Mom? What is this?” My daughter asked, holding a sweater she’d found buried in the drawer. I smirked, glancing at the multi-colored eyesore that looked like I borrowed it from The Cosby Show. “I guess I should go through some of these old clothes.” Her raised eyebrows conveyed, Ya think! The thing is, there were a … Continue reading WHAT NOT TO WEAR


Inviting the Devil to Dinner (Part one) My husband, Scott, and I sit out on our front porch in the mornings. We like to start our day with coffee, a devotion, and prayer. Occasionally I will bring something to eat. Inevitably within seconds, several flies have begun to invade our porch. It amazes us how … Continue reading INVITING THE DEVIL TO DINNER