Can priests use daggers Classic?

Priest Weapon Skills in WoW Classic. Priests start their journey through Azeroth knowing how to use One-Handed Maces and Wands. They can also learn Daggers and Staves from Weapon Masters in their factions capital cities.

Can Priest use daggers?

Priests are masters of healing and preservation. … Priests are limited to cloth armor and the following weapons: daggers, one-handed maces, staves, and wands.

What weapons can classic priests use?

WoW Classic Priest Weapon Skills

Priests can equip Staves, One-Handed Maces, Daggers and Wands. All Priests begin their Classic with the One-Handed Maces and Wand skills learned, and they will need to learn how to equip Daggers and Staves.

Who can use daggers Classic?

Hunters, Rogues, Warlocks, and Warriors all start with the ability to use daggers. Druids, Mages, Priests, and Shaman can all learn to use daggers from a Weapon Master.

Can priest wield swords Classic?

Unlike other casters (mage / warlock) priests cannot use swords, however, they can use 1h maces instead. …

Can priests wear shields?

priest + shield = cleric. and resto shamans and holy paladins use shields while healer priests and resto druids use off-hands…its balanced if you ask me. The day Priests equipe shields is the day Paladins equipe daggers.

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What is the dragon priest dagger for?

re: Dragon Priest Dagger

The Alteration Ritual Spell requires that you use a Dragon Priest Dagger to cut scales from a dragon. The specific dagger used has a unique name, “Kahvozein’s Fang,” but is otherwise identical to other Dragon Priest daggers.

Is Priest good in classic WoW?

Contrary to what you may read in the forums, they are very good in PVP, and most raids will make room for a single shadow priest… Given that you do not need 15 healers in a single raid and typically 5 priests is all you will bring due to class distribution 1 shadow priest is 20% class representation, and that’s good.

What weapon do shadow priests use?


Item Slot Class
Venerated Anima Spherule 2-hand or Main Hand Paladin, Priest, Shaman
Apogee Anima Bead Off-Hand Warrior, Paladin, Priest, Monk
Venerated Anima Spherule 2-hand or Main Hand Paladin, Priest, Shaman
Apogee Anima Bead Off-Hand Warrior, Paladin, Priest, Monk

Can Druids use daggers Classic?

Daggers for WoW Classic Druids

Druids can use Daggers, but weapons are all about stats. This means your most likely upgrades will just be random weapon drops that happen to have good stats, such as Agility and Strength for Feral or + Nature Damage for Balance.

Where can I learn stave Classic?

If you’re looking to learn staves, you could head to Thunderbluff. There’s an NPC in the middle part, by the pond, called Ansekhwa. He’ll teach you how to handle a staff, mace or gun.

Where do I learn daggers in WoW Classic?

Bixi Wobblebonk is located in the Military Ward in Ironforge, in the Timberline Arms building. Bixi can train the following : 10 Crossbows. 10 Daggers.

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How do you get priest artifact weapons?

To unlock your second artifact quest, you must reach level 102 and progress far enough in your Order Hall campaign. If you are a Priest or Paladin, you must also complete A Falling Star . Each character class has a different quest to unlock their second artifact weapon.

What weapons can a mage use?

Because they specialize in magic, mages can wield few weapons: only wands, daggers, one-handed swords, staves, and off-hand items (no off-hand weapons of any kind).

Can priests use wands WoW Classic?

A wand is a ranged weapon that causes Arcane, Fire, Frost, Nature, Shadow or (in rare cases) Holy or Physical damage. They may be used by priests, mages, and warlocks. There is no restriction on the damage type that can be wielded and used; you can use wands outside your native damage capabilities.

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